Advertise the Job

Advertise the job

Once you place a vacancy with us we use a tried, tested and methodical approach. This is done through our specialised and proactive recruitment processes for sourcing the best possible candidate for the role. We use our extensively screened databases and if advertisements are needed we run them (at no cost to clients).


But before any of this happens we will always meet with you face to face to find out everything about you and your business, find out what type of people you need, and what works best for you in terms of the placement. Our hand holding approach means you will be kept informed at every stage of the process (if required) with one of our dedicated and experienced team. You can be reassured that Positive People are with you all of the way.

Filter Applications

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Positive People are dedicated to quality management and compliance with all current employment regulations and legislation. We guarantee the highest operation standards throughout. We ensure that all candidates are thoroughly vetted and pre-screened before an interview is offered, and we only shortlist the best candidates. Our quality management ensures all of our candidates complete an extensive registration process to determine their suitability, experience and qualifications. Our philosophy is to always supply the highest calibre of candidate to ensure the best service needs and requirements of our clients.

The Interview

The Interview

All our interviews take place face to face as a standard, which is not always the case with other companies. This is to ensure we select the best candidates. Seeing a candidate face to face means we are able to evaluate their suitability on many different levels that you would be unable to do over the telephone. We’re also at this stage able to check and verify all their documentation such as passport, proof of address and training certificates. We feel it is of paramount importance to supply the best possible people and seeing the candidate face to face reassures us and our valued clients.

Background Checks

Up Skilling Yourself

We pride ourselves on our meticulous attention to detail, leaving no stone unturned so that our clients can feel assured about the quality of people we place. As one of our recruitment standards we background check each and every applicant after interview. This is to verify all the information they have given us is correct. We don’t submit any candidate to a client until all the following have been checked and verified;

  • Work history from leaving school to present
  • Referees/references to cover at least the last three years, one being the most recent employer
  • Training required, with up to date certificates
  • Right to work in the UK – where applicable (biometric residence permits are checked and verified)
  • Address covering at least the last five years
  • DBS check (where required) – Current DBS with update service or DBS application through our fast-track direct online facility

Reference Checks

Fliter Applications

Once we’re satisfied that our potential placement has passed all our rigorous checks we then apply for references. References must cover at least the last three years of employment, one from the most recent employer (where possible) and be favourable. Although subjective, references can form an important part of our recruitment process. They add value to the candidate’s suitability when received from a past employer.

Appoint the Candidate

Advertise the job

  • Temporary placements
    After following our meticulous and diligent processes we will then offer our candidate work with our valued clients. We’re confident in placing all of our staff across a number of work locations due to their skills, experience and commitment in their field of work. After their first working shift we always follow up with the client to check on how they got along and that their happy with the quality and expertise of their work. This evaluation gives our clients the confidence and reassurance that we’re always looking to supply the best people for them.
  • Temporary to permanent
    Many of our clients choose to take our people on temporary to permanent basis. This gives them the opportunity to make their own evaluation over a probationary period with the flexibility to take the person on a permanent basis or to change their mind if things change. Our commitment to working closely, and being flexible with our clients in this way gives them confidence that everything we do has a positive outcome.
  • Permanent placements
    When placing permanent people you can be confident that they are perfect for the role following our processes, attention to detail and the relationship we build with a client from the start to the end of the process of the search.