If you’re an employer in the care industry seeking staff then we can help. We believe that an organisation’s most important asset are its staff. With Positive People, we can help you make the right investment and choice. Whether you’re looking for temporary, permanent or fixed term people we have a commitment to sourcing the highest standard of candidates, who align effectively with your industry’s resourcing strategy.

We offer a variety of recruitment services to make sure your requirements are met;

End to End Recruitment

  • As part of our bespoke services we offer an end to end recruitment process. We take all the pain away of sorting and sifting the employees, inviting to interview, conducting the interview, following up with obtaining references etc. In effect we act as part of your HR system and service.The service we offer is always tailored to meet your particular situation and needs. This can be done as an on going support or as an ad-hoc one off service.Whatever aspect of our service you are considering, you can rely on us as a safe pair of hands.
  • We will always meet your deadlines.
  • We will always deliver the project within budget.
  • We will always be ready to talk, in person or on the phone.
  • We will always work to your brief.
  • We will always be willing, honest and diligent.Most of all, we always want to be a pleasure to work with – and we want to help you and your team succeed.

Database Search

  • Our networking expertise provides a great recruitment pool, giving you a fast and effective method to source your ideal candidate. We use a number of specific carefully selected databases for searching for the best people

Advertised Selection

  • We use the most appropriate media to draw quality responses to your role
  • You’ll receive a pre-selected shortlist of candidates, who we have interviewed in person and reference-checked, ready for final interview

Management and Other Key Personnel

  • When you need to overcome the loss of a key position, initiate a key strategy, or support an unplanned workload, we can meet your need
  • We maintain a select portfolio of professionals, all of whom come with strong references, who can fill a post within days

Before we begin an assignment, we generally suggest that we meet with you at your facility in order to fully understand the requirements of the role. By doing this, we can ensure that we provide a structured, focused and accurate candidate match for you

Once an assignment begins, we make sure to keep you well informed throughout the process, while taking the burden from you. We can supply you with a shortlist of candidates, who we have usually interviewed and who exceed the set criteria.

If you would like to place a vacancy with Positive People please contact us at info@positivepeople.uk.com and a member of the team will get straight back to you. Alternatively call us on 01422 843999 to discuss your requirements.